Kreativ Blogger Award

I would really like to thank Katherine for nominating me for this award! It means a lot to be a part of such a wonderful Christian Blogging Community. I appreciate Katherines heart for God and what she wants to do for the kingdom of God. I pray that God will bless her and keep her strong in the good days and the hard days!

This Award was Created by Hulda from Norway and is a gift to encourage us and so we  can also have the opportunity to encourage others.

To  receive this Award we  have to link, if possible, the person who nominated us and thank them,  then nominate 7 other Bloggers with their Links who we feel we would like to uplift, inspire, and encourage and then let them know but there is no pressure do so when you feel the time is right.
Finally we are  to  write 7 things about  ourselves that most of our  Blogging friends don’t know,  then post the Award and attach the Kreativ Blogger Award emblem to our Blog.

The seven blogs I chose were:

Katherine Elizabeth:
Austin Coons:
Anne Sikes:
Jennifer Hope:
Gentlemen of Sport:


Seven things about myself that most of my blogging friends don’t know:

  1. I am in a band called Turnaround, and our dream is to be able to blessed enough to play our music for ministry and a career.
  2. I am a substitute teacher and also a Bible School student at an online school called Global University. I know God has called me to the ministry and I am still waiting to see where God will take me.
  3. I started playing guitar and writing my own music when I was a senior in high school. Although now I write mostly worship music, I started out writing sappy love songs.
  4. I have always had issues with worrying. It seems like I also focus to much on worrying when I really need to just let God work.
  5. I love to write! I love to write stories, letters, music, papers (yes weird, right?), anything!
  6. I went to the Bahamas last year for my first mission trip outside the United States and I loved it! I for sure want to go on another mission trip very soon.
  7. I love to teach people. Whether it at school, in blogs, etc. I love teaching.


About Joey Coons

21 years old! God is the absolute center of my life. I love Jesus and I am passionate about my relationship with God. I am going to school for ministry at Global University. I feel God is calling me to minister to the youth of this generation, but I am willing to go wherever God calls me. My Bible is the source for everything. I have learned a lot lately about waiting on God and how hard it really is. But it ALWAYS the way to go. Listen for God's voice and obey Him. I am in an a band, Turnaround, and I love it. I am so excited to see what God does with us and I hope to uplift Christ with our music to everyone who hears us. God has surrounded me with amazing people in my life. You could probably say I have an obsession with music. I have the absolute weirdest taste in music. I listen to Christian music because I want to reflect God in all that I do in life. I love almost any genre of music. Except country, you can keep that junk... I am extremely goofy, and I mean VERY goofy I normally don't shut up if you start talking to me, I'm a talker Even though I never thought of myself as a reader, I actually love to read. My main purpose for this blog is to communicate God's truth and encourage anyone who reads my posts. I pray that God will use my words that I write to speak HIs truth into the lives of others and encourage others to follow Jesus Christ. View all posts by Joey Coons

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